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Book review : “Only love is real”

I read this book 2 weeks ago. The book really touched my soul and from then I wanted to write a review on this book. This book was written by a famous psychologist in U.S named Dr Brian Weiss.

Dr Brian is specialized in Past life regression therapies and have helped many patients to get normal lives. In this book he talks about two independent patients- Elizabath and Pedro – he had, who was connected several times in their past lives. Both of them had serious stress and relationship problems. In their view, nothing was working out for them. At first Dr Brian didnt notice their connection, but after few therapies he realized that when these two souls re unite their problems will end. And finally he was correct.

The book ends with Elizabath and Pedro getting married. But I assure you that this book is more than a “happy ending couple story”.  During the regressions, Dr Brian was able to talk to the higher enlightened souls through his patients which uncovered some of the interesting truths about past lives and souls. The teachings of these enlightened souls were worth a read and will help anybody to understand what to truly look for in life.

I think its a must read for all of us. I bought it through flipkart. Here is the link(non-referral) for buying “Only love is real”.


Some notes from the book “Who will cry when you die?”

Recently I read a book “Who will cry when you die?” by Robin Sharma. The book was a compilation of 101 tips which can make your life better. Personally some of these tips made me think a lot and I thought they are worth sharing. Here it goes:

  1. Every day, be kind to a stranger – I felt this the best one.
  2. Learn to be silent – Have you ever tried practicing silence. Its very difficult(atleast for me). When you are silent a higher energy awakens in you and you will realize things which you have never dreamed of.
  3. See your troubles as blessings – Something easy to say, but difficult to bring to practice. But the best remedy for most of your mind created problems.
  4. Take more risks – A smooth journey is easier, but less exciting. The moment you take risk, the moment you start to grow. Shake your life a little bit and let it settle down.
  5. Look for the higher meaning of your work – Everyone do a job for living. But how many of us enjoy it. We curse our job and do it without any excitement. To make our life easier, find a higher purpose of your job. If you are teacher imagine that you are building the future of all the kids you teach. You will feel much more alive at work this way.
  6. Get good at asking – Don’t feel shy to ask what you need. When you ask something at least you have a chance of getting it.
  7. Bless your money – When you pay for some service, bless that money and think that the money will come to you thousand fold. If you are paying for your dinner thank the cook who cooked the food, the farmers who cultivate the crops, and the chicken which got barbecued for you..:) Try this for few days and see the magic.

I hope the above points change your life in a positive way. If you want to read more, you can buy his book from Amazon (not a referral link).