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Is there any meaning in all those things happening around me?

Is there any meaning in all the things happening around me? Am I supposed to give it any thought that, why a certain thing is happening in the way it happened? I think the answer is yes and no, depending on how you look at it.

The world we live in, Samsara, is an illusion in a way. There is no solidity in events happening around me when I clearly observe them. From a scientific point of view, its all sub atomic particles interacting with each other, changing all the time.

But then, I perceive things very strongly. I am so affected by them. Why? I think the only purpose of a certain event or situation in my life is to learn of its emptiness. Once I understand the emptiness of this Samsara, in my being, I wont perceive things as I perceive them now.

It feels like a tape recorder being played all the time saying “Earth is round. Earth is round.” If I don’t understand the truth, there is use in listening to this tape again and again. But once I understand the fact that earth is round, I don’t need to listen to the tape again. In fact, the tape sound will turn into background noise and I would hardly notice it again.

As such all the events happening around me, are not significant. But they all try to teach me how we perceive the reality in the wrong way. In that way, all the events are very significant to me.



Who knows what this is!!!

Sitting here, wanting to type something out, to let the creativity speak for itself through me.
I began to start doubting myself, is it gonna be good enough?
May be write it, but am I sure I want to publish it? May be I am wasting others time?
I have no single answers.
Then I asked myself. Does it really matter whether I publish it or not? Does it really matter?
If its not, then what DOES matter?
I feel, what matters is the state of my mind in this moment. Am I doing it totally conscious?
Am I doing it, without even a trace of the ego? Am I doing it to become famous?
Am I doing it to build up my courage, by facing my fears?
My arms shaking a bit, I still typed out everything.

For few moments I prayed, cleared my mind and with utmost mindfulness clicked the publish button.

Let this be added into the great mysteries of universe.
Let it propel whatever it has to propel.
Or let it rest in peace, dying where it was born moments ago.
Now whatever happens, is beyond my understanding.


Some views on Karmic relationships

Today I was reading an article Karmic relationships. In the comment section I came upon this question and I thought I will answer it here.

Question by Shanez:

what if outside forces ( people) get in the way of the relationship? is it considered as a karmic one… i had an amazing relationship (intimacy, trust, sharing,fun times, deep and mutually supportive connection) with a foreigner but his family opposed it from the beginning. in his country approval of the family is paramount if you want to be serious and marry. When he told them they flat out refuse but we still continued seeing each other on/off for a hear and a half. Several times he broke up because he could not handle family pressure ( they wanted him to marry someone of their origin).We always got back together mainly at my initiative. He moved back to his family 5 monts ago and at the same time i took a job opportunity somewhere else. I cannot let him go. I am convinced it is the same for him. We broke off communication 5 months ago, recently i sent him a blank email and he replied to it asking for news. he said he just got married (arranged marriage). he said it has been very challenging in the personnal and work area. Now we are exchanging emails, but don’t really talk about his personnal situation . Is it a karmic relationship?I cannot get out of my head that we are meant to be despite all those obstacles.

Answer(Just my opinion):

As per my understanding everything is Karmic. Sometimes its clear to see the causes and conditions for a situation to happen, but other times its hard to see why its happening.

In your case, first lets look at this from his karmic view. He met a great girl, fell in ‘love’ with her and wanted to marry her. But because of his Karma, he was born in a family with orthodox views. Now he had two choices. Either to act out of fear or out of love. When the action is totally out of love(love for family or for you, the result of action doesn’t matter. Only his intention matters), then he breaks his karmic cycle. But from what you said about, how he still struggles in this area, it looks like his decision was out of fear and he is strengthening his karmic patterns or creating new karmic patterns. From one side, it looks like this is not the working of karma, but all because of family pressure. But no matter what the external pressure is, its always YOU, who lets it affect you.

Now, from your perspective(from what you have written here), you kinda knew that this marriage might not happen. But you were so much in ‘love’ that you didn’t want to think about that possibility. You enjoyed the present moment(which isn’t wrong, problem comes only when we want the present ‘good’ moment to be permanent and not change) and hoped for the best. And this mindset is the result of your karma. Now if you don’t want to repeat this pattern, you have to work on it and move on. The more you feel like a victim of circumstances the more you will create Karma.

Karma is very complex. Its NOT important to ask yourself, why this is happening to YOU. The question you have to ask in each moment or situation is that, are you acting out of fear or love. Is your decision based on your past experiences or your fear of future. If yes, then you are acting out of your Karmic patterns and life is giving you a chance to break the cycle.

My answer is based on my understanding of Karma and what I understood from the question. I don’t claim this is the correct(its a relative word anyway) answer.

Thanks and good luck.