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A perfect partner

For me a perfect partner would be somebody who is open minded and mature. But maturity shouldn’t come at the expense of sensitivity.

By open mindedness, I mean the person is always ready for new experiments or things in life. She knows how to deal with the fear of unknown. She says to herself sometimes ‘why not’ when she begins to doubt the unknown. This is important because when she discovers parts of myself which are not yet known to her, she will be able to welcome it rather than thinking, ‘Oh I didn’t think he was like this’.

Maturity is wisdom. It’s not the same word which we commonly use in our society. Normally we use it, to describe people, who conforms to the societal rules, and being serious about their roles. What I mean by maturity is simply wisdom. It’s more like a state where decisions flow from within and not only from our brain. Or decisions are based on love more than fear(I meant the emotional fear, not the survival fear).

Now comes sensitivity. For me sensitivity is a part of me which quietens my mind when it sees or hears, or anything happens through the sense doors. This quietening leads to my experience of being and joyfulness. There are not a list of things which you can be sensitive to. It can be ANYTHING. It can be the falling of a leaf, a blue sky, the sight of a garbage dump-yard, taste of food in your mouth, even hearing an annoying horn, a smell-good or bad etc.. This part is important in a person, because this helps her to see the little things in me and be happy. With time, sometimes, a relationship can get a bit boring. But when you are sensitive you are taking care of your own entertainment. Simple things about me would make her alive (it’s more like she is already alive, not that I make her alive) which she wouldn’t have noticed at all before.

After reading all this, someone might think I will never find someone so perfect. I completely agree. And that’s okay with me too. I would be happy if I find someone who has some characteristics of all of this, and is ready to work on herself like me. And being in a relationship with such a person, the whole thing becomes one of self discovery and aliveness. For me it’s like dancing with the tune of universe .

Thanks for reading these words. I send you all, lot of love. I hope all of you will find what you are looking for. Thanks.

Book review : “Only love is real”

I read this book 2 weeks ago. The book really touched my soul and from then I wanted to write a review on this book. This book was written by a famous psychologist in U.S named Dr Brian Weiss.

Dr Brian is specialized in Past life regression therapies and have helped many patients to get normal lives. In this book he talks about two independent patients- Elizabath and Pedro – he had, who was connected several times in their past lives. Both of them had serious stress and relationship problems. In their view, nothing was working out for them. At first Dr Brian didnt notice their connection, but after few therapies he realized that when these two souls re unite their problems will end. And finally he was correct.

The book ends with Elizabath and Pedro getting married. But I assure you that this book is more than a “happy ending couple story”.  During the regressions, Dr Brian was able to talk to the higher enlightened souls through his patients which uncovered some of the interesting truths about past lives and souls. The teachings of these enlightened souls were worth a read and will help anybody to understand what to truly look for in life.

I think its a must read for all of us. I bought it through flipkart. Here is the link(non-referral) for buying “Only love is real”.