Bouldering @Turahalli

Last week I took few videos of bouldering in Turahalli. Turahalli is a bouldering area around 15km away from Bangalore.
The primary purpose was to test my small tripod and Windows movie maker skills. Fortunately it didnt go too bad.

The below one is a combined video of two warm up routes.

1)First one we called Flop expermient. My friend Gujju tried climbing the rock with tripod wrapped around his arm just to see how the video will look. It didnt come out well. Hence the name of the boulder. If you try the route without using the undercut, then its much more difficult. Personally I would give it a 5C.

2)The second one is a much easier climb. Its a highball but very easy-like a 5A.

The second video, some people call it Rhino traverse. But I am not sure who the first ascent is and so I wont put an official name here. Its a hard one, say 6A+. The last move is the crux and you have to do it when you are already pumped out.


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