Racism in your own country

I did my first backpacking trip last month. I started the trip on May third week and ended it on July first week. It was amazing, with positive and negative experiences. I have read many posts about the positive sides, so I am not going to write about them. This one is about the negative side – about domestic racism in our own country.

It seems to me that backpacking ( I mean travelling , please don’t confuse it with tourism) is a concept which Indians find still hard to digest. Only hotels and restaurant people know about it,  but mostly through interaction with foreign travelers. They have hardly seen Indian travelers.

People know about Indian tourists. Mostly they are the ones who want to take a break from the normal life, comes with a bag full of cash and finds joy in spending it and clicking Facebook profile pictures in front of tourist attractions. Unfortunately these tourists have  a bad name to be noisy and making a mess out of the place. One of my friends who is in the restaurant business, said that he doesn’t like Indian tourists because they are very impatient and keep demanding for fast serving of the food. In general they lack respect for the waiter.

Sadly these feelings have affected their attitude towards Indian travelers too. In many situations I have felt the you are not welcome vibe from many restaurants. This goes the same with guest houses too. When you ask for a room the owners either say that there is no room vacant (when the people who stay there say that a lot of rooms are unoccupied) or say double the usual price. To avoid this, after a while I used to bring a western friend for room hunt.

I think the situation will change once lot more Indian people start traveling. I have hope.


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  1. Well i guess everyone likes to be the FUCKER in their own country…When in some other country they are just scared of getting beat up…

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