Follow your passion and get high.

Recently one of my friend asked me why I don’t drink. He was puzzled at the fact that how I can be normal and have fun without drinking. I assume that he meant how can you be normal without getting high.

I understand his surprise. You sit all day in your room or in your office, spending time on your laptop or doing some work which you don’t like, when your soul is actually looking for some unique experience. The only way out is to get high and forget about the day.

So when he asked what do I do in such a situation, I said “If I was busy with work and had to stay in my room for 2-3 days I feel really irked. Then I either go for some trek, or for some rock climbing. Moving on a rock or hiking on a ridge I get high and just make me forget all the tough days I had. I feel blessed to do it.”

I think everyone can find something like this to get high. I like to call it passion


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  1. I’m so happy for you that you showed the courage to take up what you like 🙂

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