How did I start trekking – Part 1

Even though I didnt know how to name it, I was always interested in adventurous and outdoor stuff. Till my 12th, I lived in Lakshadweep with my parents and there I didnt had any chance to do adventure events. I would say I was closed in a small box, with no idea of the possibilities in life.

But after my 12th, I moved to Trichy for doing my B.Tech. I felt like the door which was shut down was finally open. I didnt know what to do. I joined Karate class and it felt good for both body and mind. Still I wasnt aware of trekking, until 2nd year when one of my friend Naveen suggested to do a trek in Kolli hills. That was my first trek.

In that trek, we got lost once, had fun in the stream, suffered a lot when our water bottles got empty, enjoyed the water falls and we could push the body limits. It was a good trek and we did well for first timers. But after that trek, I didnt do any trek for the next 3 or 4 years. Not sure what happened, lack of partners I guess. The time just went by.

After college I joined IIT Madras as a project associate. The job felt good in the beginning, but soon the boredom got me. I rarely worked at the office. I felt the need to get out and do something different. Everyone around me was living a pre- determined life. People wanted a life where everything was planned. I had no idea what to do, but I desperately wanted to do something fast.

Around that time I saw a movie Into the Wild. In the movie a guy named Christopher McCandless runs away from home after his graduation, burning all his credit cards and donating his life savings to a charity home. He wanted to get away from the society. This movie really moved me. I thought of doing something like it, but not in a so extreme(because I didnt had the courage to).

But living in the wild or travelling needs some experience. You need to learn the surviving skills. With my single trek experience I  wont last long. So I started looking for some partners for trekking. Googling for the partners took me to the Chennai trekking club website. I immediately registered in their Google group and waited for trek updates.

Soon I got a mail saying there is an easy trek on March 12th-13th 2011. I registered immediately. Around 55 of us(I know its a huge number, even I was surprised) were selected for the trek. The trek was organized by a married couple, Shumon and Sucharitha. This trek was totally different from what I did 3 years before. It was well planned, had excellent water pools, superb views,awesome peaks and good food too.

After going for this trek, I decided to trek with them every weekend. It was like a new light in my life. I dropped the plan of going alone on a trek. For me, that was a life-changing weekend.

Last weekend, I completed my 36th trek. And still treks are one of the most exciting things I look forward to do on a weekend.


Next in the series(part 2) – What was trekking for me and an apology.


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