Sex and society

Recently I read a book named Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch. Its excellent and has many radical ideas which doesn’t go along with the current ideas of society. One of it is about sex.

Why do we think that sex is bad? Why can’t some one do it, just for the sake of physical pleasure. We smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol for fun. Why can’t you have sex for the same reason.

Why watching porn is considered bad? We watch people killing each other on TV and movies all the time. Is mating inferior or bad to killing?

Why is it considered that having sexual fantasies are weird or makes you pervert? The word pervert isnt the problem here. The image society associate with the word pervert is the problem. Nobody wants to be called as a pervert.

Why there are so many restrictions about to whom we should have sex about. I believe sex is an individual freedom. If both the persons are ok with it, then go ahead. There is nothing to think about. It doesn’t matter whether one is married, or widow, or student or so on.

Many people think free sex is bad for the society. I think society is the biggest villain in our lives. It has made up rules so that, we confine ourselves inside a box. We are not allowed to think for ourselves. God has given us freedom to think and create reality for ourselves. How can society limit us?

Why does prostitution is considered bad? A girl want to make money and a guy want to have sexual pleasure. Thats it. Why make a big fuss over it?

I am shocked seeing how the society has played a role in our view about sex. We are taught to associate Sex with guilt. Looking at the opposite sex with lust, fantasize about having sex, having sex with someone other than your spouse everything is considered as a bad thing for which you should feel guilty. And somewhere inside you know that sex is to be associated with love, not with guilt. And this truth, deep inside you, continuously fights with the outside cover you are trying to have, and puts you in a moral dilemma.

Before ending, I want to refer a song by Rammestein. Listen it here (I am not responsible if the lyrics or video offends you).



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    • thanks for the link…
      yeah, even kissing in public is considered so abnormal in our no point in thinking about free sex.

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