Stupid marriage functions

This post is the result of a heated argument with one of my friend. He said later that he was pulling my legs but still I had to write this. Because these are the things which I have been feeling for some time.

Frankly, I dont like marriage functions. I dont remember a marriage which I enjoyed being there in whatever way you take. It doesn’t mean that I am not happy for the people who are getting married or so. Its just that the whole marriage function and the things happen around it are not positive in any way. Some of the points I noticed are,

  • People normally conduct marriage functions(mostly any kind of function) to make sure that they look good in front of the society. Its like “what will others think if I don’t invite them for a party?”. Rarely the thinking goes like “This is a good moment for us. Lets make sure everyone gets some share of our happiness”. I dont like the idea of something just to please society.
  • The people who come for the marriage tend act so mean. I am not telling they are bad people, but when they are on a marriage they expect VIP kinda reception. As a host, if you miss greeting them then they whine about it all their life, “Those people think that they are some big shots, he didn’t even smile me back when I went for their party”. This attitude makes me puke.
  • As a host, suppose you forget to invite some one. That’s it. It doesn’t matter how good you were with them in the past, know that it has created a hole in your relation with them.
  • When comes to making some big decisions related to the marriage,  you ask your close relatives. Now the funny fact is that if you don’t follow their suggestions then they tend to make an issue out of it.
  • People tend to complain a lot. They try to forget the fact that arranging a party is a tedious thing and small mistakes can happen. Many times I have seen groups of people gossiping about the bride or groom right when the marriage is going on!


Basically due to all these reasons I don’t like attending functions. I feel like marriage is an union of two people which should be done with as limited number of people as needed.

I believe if you are doing something, then at the end the net effect should be happiness. If its the other case, like in most marriage functions, why take the trouble.



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  1. There is a story which my Mom told me to depict the mentality of relatives/society.
    Once a wedding was happening and everything was perfect.The protogonist of the story is such an a**.He couldn’t find any fault to talk about.So finally when somebody asked him,he opined, “Huh!! In the future if the parents want the couple to divorce,then it would be difficult”

  2. Good point. This is not about marriage functions. This is all about people! Even in your post it is all about people. We forgot the core culture of inviting people for marriage. World is full of envy and hatred now Vipin.

    The reason on those days why people invite a big crowd for marriage is for many reasons. If we serve a food to man what does he feel? He feel that you have given him a meal (in spite of being your friend, or stranger or colleague or whatever), he will definitely thank you on that moment. Look we are friends from trek and we will be thankful to each other even when we trek together again 🙂

    Marriages are of same kind. Make the people happy by inviting them and get their blessing, well wishes, etc. It is true of exchange of kindness. But now, people are mechanical, running and reception culture oriented a** 🙂 That is why we say stupid marriage functions but with stupid this era of people.

    • Yes viki, we start things with a purpose and at some point we lose track of the original purpose. Its so hopeless. People are doing things just because they are supposed to do. What an idiotic world we are living in?

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