Constipated thinking of society on Nudity

I have wanted to write about this topic for some time now. Personally I dont like wearing so many clothes and everyone has a problem with it.

To elaborate, I feel free when I expose my skin to nature. I dont like shoes. I prefer to wear shorts in almost all possible situations. And if I am alone in my room I prefer being totally nude.

When I told my friends about this they laughed at me. I had many discussions and till now I havent met a person who share the same opinion.

From the discussions I had with my friends I found that its mostly a social barrier that makes them feel uncomfortable with nudity. I remember when I went on a trek with one of my friend. It was in hot summer and we were walking in sun on a ridgy hill. After a tiring walk we found a lonely tree with good shade. We decided to take rest there. The heavy wind was blowing around us, I got excited and removed all my clothes. My friend immediately closed his eyes and asked me to put my clothes on. I told him its my freedom and I am comfortable and so on. We had heated discussion, but at the end I had to put my clothes on since he was getting really pissed.

I was kinda surprised about this incidence. For me,being nude or putting a burkha is same. All are different forms of personal freedom. I didnt realize that people will make a big fuzz over it.

I never wear a shirt in my room unless I am feeling cold, and my friends talk as if some thing is wrong with me. I dont get the point. In my eyes something is wrong with them.

I believe humans started wearing clothes to protect themselves from cold,thorns and other natural elements. Shyness became a factor only later. And now we have forgot the primary purpose of wearing clothes. We give priority to shyness and fashion over personal comfortableness.

I am not telling that everyone should stop wearing clothes, its just that, why impose your rules on someone else. You do what you like, and let me do what I like.


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  1. Your feelings and beliefs are shared by many (probably just not openly by many in your immediate circle). This philosophy is often called naturism and recognises that humans only wore clothing as needed for physical protection and ceremonial purposes before global textile industry mercantilism and marketing. See,, for more info.

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