Cycling with ease

Yesterday I was cycling to Turahalli forest, a place near bangalore, where I usually go for bouldering. Its around 10 km from my house and normally takes 40 mins by cycle.

The one thing about Bangalore terrain is that they are not flat. You may not notice it on a motor cycle, but when you have to peddle, everything changes. Even a 10 degree slope will get your legs to cry.

Usually I try to go as fast as I can by changing gears and peddling faster. But it doesn’t work out that well, since I am not the only one who uses roads. I will be braking so often, wasting all the effort. The reason I am writing this post is because I could cycle yesterday with much ease. I felt like I was only using the right amount of energy for the travel. I noticed I applied brakes very less. Most of the times the gears where in 2-4 or 2-3.



The only reason for this sudden change, I could think of, was the long cycling trip(85 km) I did with 2 others friends. Day before yesterday was a Sunday and I wanted to do a cycling trip to check my endurance on cycle. The people who came with me where professional cyclists and I noticed that they moved with much less effort and faster than I did. I was noticing them whenever I got a chance hoping to learn some tips.

Even though my conscious mind didnt pick up any tips from observing them, my sub-conscious mind did(I guess so).

Cycling without thinking about pushing yourselves is too much fun. The feeling of going against the current disappears, and you start going with the flow.

I am waiting to see how my next long trip will be. May be this time I will try around 150 km. Pretty excited about it.


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