The stupid Q – “What are you doing in life?”

This is a typical question which you face all the time when an old friend talks to you after a long time. Sounds simple enough for the one who is asking, but for me its quite complicated.

I always wonder what I should tell. To avoid looking dumb, I normally answer like “nothing man.. just facebooking, reading some online articles etc..”. But the person never get satisfied. He will laugh and reply “idiot, I didn’t meant what you are doing right now. What you doing in life?”.

I normally get stuck at this point. Hmm… What should I tell. For me, the answer is simple enough. What I do in life – Just living my life.

Recently when someone asked me this question, I asked her back the same question. She said, I am studying. And I asked with a surprise tone, “you are studying in life? Is that it.”

I mean if the question was like “What job are you doing” then the answer is simple enough. But life isn’t about your job alone. Personally I think about climbing, trekking etc more than I think about the projects I handle. But If I tell people I am a trekker or climber then people will laugh at me. They will ask – So how much do you earn from these outdoor activities? Isn’t it weird. We try to associate everything we do with money. If there is no money involved then its a waste of time.

Somehow we have made ourselves believe that life = job. The day we realize this we will understand how stupid the question is.



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  1. “Somehow we have made ourselves believe that life = job”

    Such a mentality is because we are brought up that way.Most of the old generation hate changes that they rarely change places,life style,jobs etc.Most of the people are brought up in such a way that they live according to a life-timetable.hobbies are always considered as a waste of time unless it returns some monetary benefits.People willl say that they like gardening /farming but more than they enjoy the feel/smell of the soil or the happiness of the first harvest,they dream about the profits they are going to make out of it.People go crazy of they hear that one person has 30LPA but they don’t realize the fact the person has to work more to get that money and he may not find time for anything else other than his job.

    There was a dialouge in an old Malayalam movie(forgot the name of the movie)
    Actor inncoent says “When I was young i used to dream about having a big house,fat salary,good food and luxurious life.I worked so hard to make money that I even forgot to get married today.I dreamed,thought and breathed only money.Now I have a big house and i live alone,I have more than enough money but don’t know how to spend it,i have the rich man’s diseases so having minimal food.Today when I look back ,I wonder whether I ever lived or not”

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