Beyond words…

Whenever I am reading a book, I wonder about the power of words. I mostly read books about philosophy or spirituality. So I am not sure whether my words apply in a general sense or not.

When I read a book, there are always some words, sentences which take me to another world, another level of consciousness. Its a magical feeling. Being in those moments, I want to be in them forever. I read those words again hoping to stay in those moments longer. But it fades away slowly.

For instance, in one book, the author was talking about intimacy. Intimacy to all beings, all objects, everything in the universe. Just reading the word intimacy, my mood suddenly changed. Without any particular reason, I was also getting the same intimate feeling. I stopped reading for a moment and looked around me. My father was doing some paper work on the other side of the table, I looked at him like I have never done before. I felt sorry for the moments where I got angry with him, argued with him. To my surprise I felt intimacy, even towards the chairs and table around me. The strong urge to become a better person(I mean a good person) in life was ruling me in those moments.

This is just one instance. These kind of feeling alive experiences are usual when I read books. I still wonder why these words have so much power. I believe those words carry the state of mind of the author at the time of writing, in some way. And when someone reads it, through some mysterious way we reach that state of mind. I say, as a writer, he or she has succeeded. I myself, hope that, my writings directly touch my reader’s hearts.

I am sure that you would have had such experiences yourself. In that case, please pen it down hear in the comment section or in your own blog.



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