A usual ego clash and regrets…

Today morning I got into a fight with my parents. Its weird, I woke up and in 10 minutes I got so irritated and started the fight.


As usual once it was over, I regretted. My ego won again(atleast for now). As I started writing this post, I can feel its(Ego) strong need to make itself right. Its giving me a list of reasons why the fight was needed. Its saying that it won the fight because its arguments were right. I have a strong urge to write all those chatter of Ego’s here. Its tempting, but I have to let it go.


I have experienced this way before. During the arguments, ego completely takes over me. I say so many things which I later feel like I should have never said. And once its over, Ego tells me, “Its ok. That was unavoidable. And we were right, because …” .Uhfff…


I know that getting rid of this old partner(Ego) is part of my purpose. But in a way its magnificent, when you think about its camouflagic behavior. It has been surviving like this for years hiding in self created problems.



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  1. It is difficult to get rid of ego but it is not an impossible task.we can kill ego if we can make a sincere attempt.

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