I am like water

Note:- I am not trying to write a poem. Its just that, I found that this is the easiest way to put my thoughts on paper.


I am just like water.

I randomly fell somewhere on earth from sky.

Sometimes in the plains near the sea, but sometimes in the mountains.

Wherever I am born, I have only one purpose.

To follow the path laid down before my eyes and reach sea.

For some people it takes more time, for others less.

But I cannot stop.

Its my divine purpose and I have to fulfill it.


Reaching the sea is easy.

I dont need to think about it, or struggle for it.

The path is already setup by a divine force,

which is constantly guiding me.

All I have to do is trust it and follow it.

There can be rocks, pools, lakes, falls on the way.

But I cannot stop anywhere.

I cannot complain the roughness of the path.

And when I realize my true self,

I understand that I am still unscathed.


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  1. kollalo mone.. 🙂
    I liked this one

    Reaching the sea is easy.

    I dont need to think about it, or struggle for it.

    sea and death!!
    good one..I think you should write more poems

    • thanks…
      but by sea what i actually meant was samadhi, not death.

      very difficult to express ur thoughts. but with simple short lines i can do it, without worrying much about writing standards.

  2. Whether or not you are tryimg to write a poem, I enjoyed your verse. On the path to samadhi there are many turns in the river and falls along the path, aren’t there? The good thing is that in a life well traveled there can be much “santosha” along the path to bliss. Carry on good traveler!

  3. GayathriSai Chandrasekaran

    machi…super work da…am reading one by one each entry will give you my comments 🙂

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