Conversation with the old man

I was in a good mood today. As usual I went to the near by shop to have tea. This was part of my normal routine. Thanking the shop guy and blessing the money, I enjoyed the tea slowly. My mood was already elevated because of certain events happened that evening, which made me realize that God’s decision is supreme.


I went to the near by park, and found an empty bench with spiritual thoughts filling my mind. After some time, one old fellow sat in the same bench as mine. He asked me the time and I said “5.40”. When I looked at him I felt like he is suffering from something. They way he asked the question, the way he made that little sound when he sat, was saying that he is not happy with his life. I felt sympathy for him, I closed my eyes and said in my mind, “Uncle, don’t be stressed. You may have problems on your own, but just trust in God, and you will see that your problems are not real. Think about other people who suffer more than you and you will see that you are far luckier than them”. I kept sending this energy for few minutes.

I noticed another old man who was walking infront of us. He was very weak, and walking very slowly. The old guy who was sitting with me offered him his seat but he said, “I was sitting until now. Couldn’t sit anymore. So I am gonna go home”. Here too I felt the same suffering. The man sitting with me also felt the same. A moment later he said to me, “Its very difficult to lead an old age life. Its better to die early when you are young and healthy. Otherwise we,old people, are just being a burden on their kids who had to look after them during their busy work schedule.” He talked as if he was talking about the old man who just left. But I knew that he was talking about himself.

I didnt feel like saying “Everything will be ok” and end the conversation. Instead I told him, “Uncle, its not like, only you are having problem. At every stage in life we have our own issues. When I was a kid I wanted to grow up to escape from homeworks. When I was in college, I wanted to graduate faster to escape from assignments and boring lectures. And now when I am out of college, I dont know where to escape to, because I have to be more responsible, do work and live my own. So its ok to have problems. ” I am not sure whether he got satisfied by my answer or not. But he smiled at me saying “You are right”.

We didn’t continue that conversation. He didn’t had anything else to say and I went back to my thoughts again. I hope I have a strong mind when I get old.



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  1. Very nice story, thank you 🙂

  2. I never knew u blogged.. nice…

  3. Nice… Specially the 2nd last para.. its Deep !!!

  4. Felt like a beautiful short film 🙂

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