Mood swings…

This post is just a collection of my thoughts today. Nothing special.

I am feeling really good today. Its like the universal grace is flowing into me. I can feel the calmness and soothing effect it has on my body and mind.

After the 9 days trek from Dec 24th to Jan 1st, when I came back to the old city life, I wasnt feeling well. I dont know whether it was because I was missing the hills, or because of some other reason. For 3-4 days I didnt feel like working at all. All I wanted to do was sleep. But from yesterday onward I was able to feel more energetic. And today, I think, I am at its peak. I hope this mood continues for some time.

As a first step to realize my dream – to become a rock climber – I went to gym yesterday. I have to become more strong, flexible and develop endurance. May be this work out, have done some magic to get me into this mood. Thank you God.

As I am writing this now, I am wondering why I am putting all this random thoughts in this blog. They doesnt seem anything special to anyone else. But I think I am writing this for myself. To understand and analyze myself. That was the original purpose of this blog. To keep tracks of things in my life.

I found this amazing piece of music in youtube. I have put it into a repeat from yesterday onward.

What can I say (youtube link)


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  1. Vipin,

    You know what, as a person who have read your blogs(right from first one) your writing style is becoming powerful each day. In spite of not adhering to any theme or a topic, somehow there is a kind of energy in your writing now and especially this one. Keep going this way and climb up higher each day..:)

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