Universe and your dreams

Today, I was thinking about fulfilling ones dream. By dream I meant ones true purpose of life. Forget about fulfilling the purpose, finding ones purpose is the most difficult thing in my opinion. Until you find an ultimate purpose you feel a certain voidness, no matter whatever you do or achieve.

Just to make things easier say that you found your purpose. Now does the universe(or you can call it GOD if you want) will support you to fulfill your dream. Will it make the path easier for you. I couldn’t straight away find an answer to this question.

I have read that you have to achieve your purpose through hard work. There is no shortcut. At the same time I have read that the more you dream about something the universe will help you to reach your goal faster. Now which one is true?

After some thinking I came to the conclusion that both are true. On ones way to fulfilling his dream there are many obstacles. Some are supposed to be overcome by will power and hard work alone, while others need God’s own hands.

For example say, you want to become a Formula 1 champion. Now this dream is not only about hard work. It needs something more than that. You need lot of money to train yourself which is not something you can get only from hard work. And I truly believe that the universe will help you in such situations. This help may come in the form of a rich sponsor who got an interest in you or a surprising lottery prize.

What this tells us is that one shouldnt stop on his way to fulfilling his dream because of the initial limitations. Overcome the obstacles which you can, with hard work, and leave the rest to the universe. Mentally ask for the help of universe. Rest assured that you wont be disappointed.

We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving. And we all have some power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.

– Louisa May Alcott


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