My second trek and the drama

After the exciting trek with CTC(Chennai trekking club) to Nagalapuram, I was waiting for another trek. Luckily I got a group mail saying that there is a trek to Venkatagiri on the coming week(19th and 20th Mar 2011). I immediately joined. The trek was organized by one of the regualar CTC organizers named Gurumoorthi.

Actually that same weekend we had 3 treks to the same place. One organized by Guru, another one by Biju and a DOA(Dead Or Alive) trek by Peter. A bus was hired for the transportation for Peters and Guru’s trek participants.

After reaching Venkatagiri in the morning we distributed the food for 2 days. After 30 mins we started walking towards the hill from the village. The bus was parked at the village. We walked around for 5 km and the drama happened.

Some villagers called the forest officers saying that a huge group of people have gone inside the forest. The police came and caught the bus driver. He was about to get slapped, he made a call to Guru explaining the situation. If we dont go back to the village then the driver and bus will be taken into custody. The problem was that Venkatagiri was a reserved forest and we were supposed to take permission before getting into the forest. But Guru didn’t had one, because we normally don’t take permission at this place. Anyway this time the police officers decided to screw us.

Guru agreed to return back and asked us to come back to the village. By this time we were inside 7 km of the forest. We had to go back all the way. Everyone was pissed off. The boring walking took quiet some time, by evening we reached back to the village. Since Venkatagiri plan is ruined people wanted to go some where else. Someone suggested Nagala. Since there is no option everyone agreed, but some people told they will go back to Chennai.

When we reached Nagala western entry it was around 10 pm. I along with some other people suggested that we can do some night trekking and camp inside the forest. But then again the girls were not ready for a night trek. Many didn’t want to take the risk and so decided to sleep on the dam. The night was cold even outside the forest. By morning all out blankets were wet because of the dew drops.

After having the breakfast in the morning we started walking towards the stream. The plan was to go upto the third pool, enjoy and come back.

We had lots of fun in the water, because that side of Nagala is like a picnic place. I took this chance to take some quick swimming lessons from one of the co trekkers named Rajagopal. It was interesting. But its funny that even after 8 months, I still dont know proper swimming.what a shame..:)



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