My new project ‘Make a new blogger happy every day’.

I started this blog a few days ago. Till now I haven’t got any comments or visitors in my blog. I am not complaining, its something you will experience when you start blogging. Few people starts with a bang right?

So the point is that I used to check my WordPress profile kinda often to see whether I have got any new comments or visitor responses. And I am sure that if I see one, I will be very happy. Its really nice to see someone who doesn’t know you reads your article and take some time to comment his/her opinion.

With this realization I suddenly got an idea. Why not make a new blogger happy everyday. So this is what I am planning to do. Every day, if I have access to internet I will find and read a blog (article) which is in its starting phase and comment my honest opinion there. 

It may sound silly but if I can bring a smile to some one everyday I will feel proud.

Here is the first article I read –  What are your dreams in life…?

This project seems so interesting. I started reading this article just to support a new blogger. And by the time I reached at the end of the article I knew that I was helping myself. I am happy to read an article with such positive energy. *super happy and super excited*

Other blogs in the list:

2) Wonder why I love yoga so much?

3)Who I am and what is this blog all about?

4)Talking Weight

5)The Snowflake Method – this is a really nice article.

6)Forever Alone

7)Just because

8)Photography blog


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  1. Hey Vipin 🙂
    I’m happy to see your new blog..the vhdl blog was greek and latin for me..
    Keep blogging!!
    I would love to read your thoughts penned down

  2. Wow. Thank you for putting up my blog on your page. You are doing a great thing by supporting new bloggers. I hope your blogs will be successful also 🙂 nice to meet you!

  3. u know that’s a great idea. u really feel bad when u see less or no visitor. but these days i m getting few visitors (thanx to indiblogger) and i do check all the posts on indivine (thats how i landed here). but then its up to that person how he/she retains that visitor. there are so many bloggers who do not even bother to respond to the comments you make. i love ur effort and all the best, ur blog is going to rock.

  4. Hey Vipin..Great idea…….

  5. Amazing idea! I got the thought too recently! Hope this intention in us is not something to promote our own blogs in the process. Three cheers to human noble thoughts! 🙂 Good luck!

    • thanks sinduja..

      Initially the idea was to make someone happy in someway I can. But now I notice that my blog is getting promoted with this. But if that helps to get this idea spread then I am only happy for it.

  6. Very cool idea! Thanks for reading my new blog 🙂

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