CPU temperature in laptop #Ubuntu

My laptop is around one and half years old and recently its not working well. The problem is that it heats up so fast. Keeping my laptop on my lap has become next to impossible. And to add to the list, for the last 2 days its switching off suddenly.

I guessed that this might have to do something with the high temperature of cpu. I was looking for online tips and then I came upon an terminal command which tells how to see the temperature of your cpu. Here is goes.

  cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/*/*/temperature

The output of the above command will look like this:

temperature: 95 C

Note that the full path of the file temperature may vary from machine to machine but you can find this out by going up to the thermal_zone directory and doing an ‘ls’ command.

Now I wanted to find out at what point the laptop gets switched off. I saw a few more interesting files along with temperature in the same directory. For example the file trip_points contain the following line:

critical (S5):           105 C

And this means that when the cpu reaches the critical temperature mentioned in this files, that is 105 C, it gets switched off immediately. Otherwise your processor will get fried.

To make sure that this kind of thing doesn’t happen again, I check the temperature often and when it reaches near the critical temperature, I close the laptop lids for some time. I know its not a perfect method, but till I call the Dell service team I am going to do this way.

This temperature is mostly due to the dust accumulated inside your laptop or on your laptop fan. Once its cleaned the fan will be able to work more efficiently and things will be alright. I will let you know how it goes.


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