Why do I use Linux OS?

I have been using Linux operating system for last 4 years. I started using it in my college thinking that I will learn something new. Later that thought changed to “hey.. Linux is cool and relaible. why shouldnt one use it?”

The first Linux OS I used was Fedora. Later for a change I tried Ubuntu. I liked it very much. It was much more user friendly that Fedora. If you want to start of with a Linux based operating system then I suggest you try Ubuntu first.

The main reason I use Linux is that most of the viruses, torjans etc doesnt affect Linux OS. It doesnt mean that Linux is a virus proof OS, it just means that there are far too less number of viruses made for Linux. Most of the viruses are exe files specifically made for windows OS. And to make things worse Windows have lot of vulnerabilities that a hacker can exploit.

After using Windows OS for many years this is what I have learned – No matter what antivirus software you have a virus will manage to get inside. Even if you check everything, a friend can use his pendrive in your computer and tadaah… And once it gets inside you feel like your computer is slower than a snail. Why bother with all this?

Some of my friends say “Ok. I want to install Linux. But most of the useful programs made out for Windows will not run in Linux. What can you do about it?”.  Even I had the same problem until I installed a software named “Virtual Box“. This software will help you to run a virtual Windows operating system inside your Linux machine. As a side note this is not the same as wine.

If you feel like you want to give it a try check the download link for the new Ubuntu versions here.


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